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Weenie's journal
11/20/05   REST IN PEACE MY BEAUTIFUL BABY DOG!!! Our precious Willard passed from this incarnation at 7:45AM this morning. I guess he was all tired out as he pretty much just laid down and wanted to do nothing but sleep since yesterday afternoon. His breathing got weaker and he could barely move or stand. And then he was gone - that fast. He was in his Daddy's arms when he took his last breath. I loved him like he was my child since we got him as a puppy 14 years ago. He was totally spoiled and the light of my life. Anyone who loves a dog becomes a better person for doing so. They bring out something in you that you never knew you had. Life will never be the same without him and I'll think of him and miss & love him for eternity. I hope he's with his human brother who died on 3/31/03. Rest in peace, my two beautiful sons!

06/04/05   IT SUCKS TO GET OLD!!!   Since I last made an entry, I had my 14th birthday! Time sure flies for a weenie. The chart in the doc's office says that in people years, I'm 78 years old now!! How rude & insulting! But, I must admit, I am starting to feel my age. I hardly ever chase a bunny or a cat anymore. Mostly cause I can't walk too good these days. My hips have arthritis and my cute little legs in the back don't want to work anymore. Mom has been thinking of ordering a puppy cart for me. Only problem is, with the cart I can't lay down without someone getting me out of the cart. And I do so enjoy my nap times. So, today I'll be getting fitted for a walking harness Mom is designing. Whenever I go outside with her I have to get the harness on so she can hold my back end up. This is all so humiliating!! I have trimmed down lately though to a mere 24.7 lbs. I haven't been so thin since I was a puppy. So, if anyone wants to send me a nice steak, I could try to get fattened up again. OOPS! Almost forgot - could you grind the steak up for me cause my teeth aren't all there anymore either! Good thing I'm still so handsome. I still get the looks from all the girly dogs whenever I go to the doc's office. Anyhow, I think it's nap time. So, til we chat again, this is Willard Poindexter signing out.

04/13/05  :ANOTHER DAY- ANOTHER PUPPY SNACK!  Well, this past Sunday was doggie cookie baking day. Mom makes my cookies - no store bought stuff for me! Of course, I always take the job of cookie sampler. I lay on the floor in front of the oven and wait for them to come out. Sometimes Mom drops one or two - accidently, I'm sure. And I'm in charge of cleaning up the ones that fall. It was a lot of work but I got through it. The following day I thanked her by making a big mess in the kitchen while she was at work. I tore up my papers and did something BAD on the floor, too. When she got home, I had to be carried to the bathtub and had to have another bubble bath cause she said I'd been stepping in something BAD on the floor and now had the BAD stuff on my paws. I can't imagine what she's talking about. So, today I gave her a break and only shredded some papers. For some reason, she won't leave the garbage can on the floor anymore....says it's for my own good. Oh, well. And on the weekend, I discovered there's a female basset hound living across the street. While Bro2 was changing tires on cars, the basset came up in MY yard and hosed in about 3 spots. I think she was leaving me a message that she'd been there. I'll be watching for her!! Anyway, see ya next entry! Bye!

01/05/05   TIME SURE DOES FLY FOR AN OLD WEENIE!!  I can't believe it's been so long since I made an entry in my journal.  Mom started working a lot more hours in spring of 2003 and that left me in charge of the house while she's gone.  It's quite a job for an old weenie dog.  I get to tip over the garbage and rip it up - which I did recently and scored about 9 chicken wing bones which didn't please my Mom very much and didn't please me very much either in the long run as they were fire hot buffalo style which I didn't realize as I was chowing down on them.  Plus I have to woof at anyone who comes near the house, and pee and poop in the kitchen if I feel like it cause I'm in charge around here.  So, anyhow, here's a quick update as to what's gone on in weeniewonderland.  A year or so ago my most excellent friend FeeFee went to heaven and I miss her a lot.  We used to hatch some great plans for stealing food and getting into trouble together.  I think she's in heaven with my Bro 1 - he probably needed a doggie to keep him company and she was definitely a good girl for keeping company with.  Soon after she went to heaven, Bro 2 and Kerry got a new baby dog named Kaelee or Littles as we call her.  She's a rat terrier and full of energy and tries to chase me around all the time.  I'm 13 1/2 now so it's not so easy to keep up with her.  It's not easy to keep up with a lot lately.  I don't chase the neighbors much anymore but I do still try to WOOF them or at least WOOF their garbage cans on trash night.  I mean, you never know what kind of thing could be lurking in a trash can so you'd better woof it while you can.  I like staying right in my driveway and sidewalk in front of the house.  It's a lot of work to chase and I have a little arthritis in my back and my tail of all places!  Anyway I'm still here and will try to keep everyone updated on what I'm doing more often.  Mom says she thinks I'm going through my second puppyhood lately cause I get into so much mischief!  So check back again and see what I'm up to!

5/10/03  FOOD & CC AT THE SAME TIME!!  Nice dinner party tonight.  CC and her parents and brothers, Herbie (chihuahua) and JJ (human) and JJ's fiancee, Julie were here.  And Uncle Burt & Aunt Carmella, too, but they didn't bring Alexis the French poodle.  I shared my homemade doggie cookies with CC & Herbie and neither one of them bit me.  Although CC did growl a few times when I tried to get too amorous with her.  She was just trying to tell me "Not in front of my parents".  Alas, they will be moving in 3 days.  So I must start interviewing prospective candidates for a new fiancee.  This is getting tiring.......I am 12 now.  My birthday was Thursday so I'm officially 12.  I hope to check out Scarlett soon.  She is a good looking girl weenie dog.  I'm beginning to think I'll always be a fiancee and never a husband.  First Patty -my human fiancee who was too young for me and couldn't leave her Daddy, then CC, who is moving away,  and Kerry who ended up marrying my Brother2.  Maybe fiancee #4 will turn out to be THE GIRL!!  I hope Scarlett is THE ONE!!
5/01/03  SUCH A BETRAYAL!!  That little 2-timer Kerry actually went ahead and married Brother 2.  And she promised me that I was the one!!  And I didn't even get a doggie bag from the reception.....there's just no respect for a little weenie dog.
4/10/03  WEDDING BELLS.....Brother 2 and Kerry will be getting married on May 1.  He better ask me to be best man.....or best weeniedog as the case may be.  I could hold the ring in my mouth or maybe on my tail until he needs it.  He doesn't know that I want to marry Kerry, too.  
4/06/03  CAN IT GET ANY WORSE?? My Mom got a call from my future mother-in-law, Sheila and it seems that CC- my fiancee- is definitely moving to North Carolina.  Her Daddy got the promotion whatever that means.  I may have to start interviewing prospective candidates for a new fiancee......I'm thinking the lovely Scarlett would be perfect.
4/04/03  WOOF, woof!  I think my woofer is getting worn out.  There's been sooooo many people coming to the house in the last couple of days to pay their respects to the family.  I'm just too tired to bark anymore.  I've even gone and laid next to a couple of the visitors.  How un-weenie like of me!!  Weenies live to bark & bite whenever possible.  HOWEVER, these people are bringing lots of food......the neighbor next door made a really tasty meatloaf.  I was only checking it to be sure it was safe to eat......honest!!  hee hee
3/31/03  REST IN PEACE, BROTHER 1....Very sad day, everyone is crying. Brother 1 died this afternoon.  I wanted to help the paramedics but I was penned behind a gate with FeeFee.  I guess Brother 1's heart was all worn out.  I'm feeling very depressed myself.  He was a good brother and was always nice to me.  It won't be the same without him.  I learned something else today - weenie dogs cry.............
3/17/03  GO, BRO!!  A pretty good thing happened today I think.  All the humans around here are happy about a custody thing Brother 1 won.  I think it has something to do with my 6 year old human nephew......maybe he'll be around more so I can try to snip at him when he pulls my tail.  I do like a challenge.
2/24/03  HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO PA!!  Today was Pa's birthday and I got lots of leftovers.  Brother 1 wasn't feeling well so I got some leftover steak from him.  I'll go peak in his room later and see if he's up to having a bed snack or anything that I can help with.  Yum!!
02/21/03  IT'S ABOUT TIME..........I've been too lazy to write in my journal lately.  It's been sooo cold outside - all I want is to snuggle under the electric blanket!  Most days I'm in my nest in FeeFee's room, though, as my Mom got a part time job last fall.  So, I'm in charge during the day when she's gone and I get to boss FeeFee around and woof if anyone comes near the house.  Brother 1  is living at home again finally.  He mostly stays  upstairs with his oxygen machine cause it makes him tired to go up & down stairs, so I need to take care of things around here.  I'm the most excellent woofer around these parts!   It's been a depressing winter because I got some bad news at Christmas time. too.  My beloved, CC, is going to be moving to North Carolina by spring.  That will be one heck of a journey to make when I'm in the mood for a little Chihuahua  romance!!  I shall have to try to dognap her and keep her here with me.   I wonder if Sheila would let her stay with me?  I'll threaten to bite ankles if I can't have her!!!
1/29/03  HAPPY DAY!!  It seems that Brother 1 is moving back home cause he's got a heart problem and needs rest.  Yay!!  I'll have another food source to beg from.  Besides he can speak 'weenie dog' and always says WOOF to me.  I'm glad he won't be living with that evil person anymore.  She's mean & nasty and didn't take care of him.  Now my Mom can take care of him.  I'm sure she'll try to fatten him up and we all know who'll reap the benefits of that..........ME!!  I get the leftovers!!  And I'll also get to assume the role of Dr. Weenie and help take care of him cause he's sick.  A good dog spit licking can cure anything.  They wouldn't know what to do without me around here..

11/05/02  HAPPY NEW MOON TO ALL !!  That means the next Full Moon will be in about 2 weeks.  Oh, yippee!  I'll have to do more dancing with the old Witch.  Hope she doesn't make me wear my pointed hat.
10/30/02  SEPTEMBER ADVENTURES..........I was looking back through my journal and noticed that I didn't rat out FeeFee for something she did back in Sept.  Well, there's no time like the present to tell the world about the REALLY BAD THING she did one day.  I was on the 1st floor, totally innocent, of course.  But FeeFee went prowling around the house because someone forgot to put the gate across the stairs when they left........we won't mention any names here. Anyway, she decided to look around all the areas where I stash my snacks.  She went up to Mom's bedroom sniffing around my spot on the bed.  Then she decided that the carpet at the end of the bed would be a most excellent place to leave a nice mess.  Which she did......several times.  She also decided that the oval rug in the foyer needed some of the stinky mess, too.  Well, when Mom got home she went wild!!  Even called FeeFee a few bad words.  Again, I sat innocently,  watching all the drama unfold.  Lucky for me that I can't go up 2 flights of stairs and come back down to the first floor.....the cataracts prevent it, you know..... or I might have gotten blamed.  I was definitely in the right place at the right time that day.  But then I am a little angel as Mom always says.  FeeFee was grounded to her room for quite a few days after that.  She's bad......real bad!
10/30/02  TRICK OR TREAT...........Tomorrow is Halloween and I for one am looking forward to it!  Lots of kids to woof at.  Maybe even an ankle or two to bite.  I get away with doing it cause I'm getting old & cranky now.  The bad part of Halloween is that Mom makes me wear my witch outfit.  I must admit that a weenie witch is a handsome thing!!
10/14/02  MOON DANCING...............Just a few days until the Full Moon.  Of course, I'll be expected to dance under the moon..... It's a family tradition.  And Kerry did promise she'd dance with me this time.  Also, I can act really weird and get away with a lot more when the moon's full.  Everyone just shakes their head and says 'That dog is weird......must be the full moon'  So a dog could do just about anything and not get yelled at.  Looking forward to that!!  Maybe I'll chase FeeFee around that day and growl at her.  I  so enjoy  doing that!!   hee hee hee   Woof!!

10/01/02   AM I INVITED? ......Seems that Mom & Dad are going to dinner at CC's house in a couple of weeks.  If they don't take me , they'd better at least bring home the leftovers for me.  Or they could bring CC home with them.  Hmmmm.......leftovers or that's a tough choice to make........whatever should I do?!?

10/01/02   FEEFEE'S  GROUNDED FOR LIFE!!!............Lots of excitement here today.  Mom came home from her morning walk and let us out to do our business.  When Mom turned around to get something out of the trunk, FeeFee decided to take off on a run.  Mom drove around looking for her, then walked around looking for her only to learn that a neighbor one street up & a block over had FeeFee in her van and was looking for Mom.  After a while they finally connected and Mom put FeeFee in her Beetle (where she got white dog hair all over the seat) and dragged her furry dog butt home.  So she was in double disgrace that day.  First for running away and second for gross dog hair in the car.  Needless to say, she's not to be trusted without a leash ever again.  I found the whole thing quite everyone  sees what a good boy I am.  I never run away.  I'm such a perfect boy !!

9/29/02  VIVA LA FRANCE!!  .......I went with Mom to visit Alexis.  For some reason she was afraid of me......kept jumping up on the couch and trying to hide next to my Mom.  But I did get a few good sniffs in.  And I pursued her endlessly when she did get off the couch!!  Ahh.....  French.........the language of love!!  Also, today is Spella Luna's 3rd birthday.  Wonder if Mom's making a cake.  I could help bake it or eat it..........whichever!!  (I prefer the eating though)

9/19/02 PARTEEEEE!!!!... I've been having the best time lately.  My fiancee CC's Mom was out of town again so I called my friend Mork, the bird, and we headed over there every night.  Her Dad was there, but that guy snores like a freight train.  He never even knew that CC had snuck out of bed to let us in the house.  She's quite the clever little minx!  Mork sang beautiful love songs and CC & I had a great time!!  The bad news is her parents will both be home for the remainder of this year - no more trips!  We'll have to wait for her birthday to be together again.  I'm sure I'll be invited over for dinner or something.  I make a really nice dinner guest.  I never burp at the table or anything like that.  Maybe we'll be able to sneak off to the basement for a couple of kisses.  
I'll have to find some way to entertain myself without her.  Next week I have a date with my Mom's Uncle's poodle.  I'm thinking of taking her some nice treats.  Maybe she'll feel that she has to thank me in some way.  hee hee hee  Remember - she IS a French poodle.................ooooh la la!

9/1/02  THE THONG SONG..........I certainly had a laugh today!!  My Mom recently bought FeeFee a thong to wear.  Then she forgot to take it off her when she let us out to do our business.  OOOPS!  FeeFee had a little accident.   I laughed my butt off.  Things are sure amusing with her living at my house.

7/30/02  A CAT FIGHT AMONGST DOGS........ Well, it's been quite a month!!  Those girl dogs have totally worn me out!!  A week ago, Rami & Mia came to visit their grandma in town here.  Of course, I had to keep them entertained.  Sneaking into their grandma's house was a snap for me.  It had an outside basement entrance which I used to get in each night.  Of course the girls fought over my attentions.   The first couple of nights were tough.  All they did was bite and bark at each other trying to decide who got to have me.  The fur was sure flying!  It's a rough life being such a stud muffin.  I had barely recovered from my rendezvous with CC earlier in the month and now I had 2 weenie girls to romance.
Their grandma has a nice birdie named Mork and he provided the mood music with his chirping.   Whenever I have a cute girl doggie to visit, he comes along with me to provide the serenade.  Anyway, by the time the girls left for the trip home, I think they were both happy.  Of course, I'll have some explaining to do to CC.  I was thinking of telling her - it's purely animal magnetism.  They all want me!!

7/27/02 AND THE RAIN RAIN RAIN CAME DOWN DOWN DOWN.......... Ughhhh!!  The thunder storms the last couple of nights have been scary !!  I've been hiding under the bed.  Mom sleeps on the floor so she can be near me. Fee Fee is scared, too, and she usually hides in a corner cause she's too big to get under the bed.     WOOF  WOOF

7/15/02  YOU'VE GOT TO GO TO MY OTHER WEBSITE!!  I put the most hysterically funny picture of FeeFee on there.  It shows her love handles! Butt view.   hee hee hee  Go to my links page and it will take you there.
7/6/02  LOVE IS IN THE AIR........I've been so exhausted lately I haven't journaled in almost a week.  That foxy little CC has kept me busy since her parents have been out of town.  I've been sneaking over each night and not getting home until dawn.  She has an insatiable appetite for me.  What can I say?  I'm one sexy hunk of weenie dog.  Her parents are due home any time now, so the party will be over until their next trip in late summer.  Until then, we'll have to pine for each other. I'll have my Mom send her homemade biscuits to soothe her from the pain she'll be in from not seeing me every night.  I, on the other hand, will drown my sorrows in an order of chicken wings & pizza with Pupperoni on it and maybe some Rocky Bone ice cream for dessert.  Nothing like a good hearty meal to get your mind off affairs of the heart. WOOF WOOF

6/27/02  CALLING DR. WEENIE..........Yesterday Dad had shoulder surgery and I've been busy trying to get close enough to lick him.  I think a little dog saliva would help to heal him faster.  Meanwhile, I'm feeling a little jealous cause Mom's spending a lot of time taking care of him instead of worshipping me.  SO I think I'll spend a little time working on my other website and getting the dog cookie recipes posted.  Makes me hungry just thinking of it.

6/26/02  IN THE DOGHOUSE...... Well, I started out today by getting in trouble for dumping over the wastebasket under Mom's desk and dragging the contents all over the floor.  It's part of my job duties as the family weenie.  A couple of times when I did it - Mom thought FeeFee was the culprit.  I laughed my furry butt off when she got yelled at as I sat there looking innocent.  WOOF

6/25/02  ROMANCE TIME.........This is the week my future in-laws go to Disney and  that means I get to go visit CC.  I hope that human brother of hers doesn't stop over very often.  I want to be ALONE with her.   hee hee hee

6/21/02   A WEENIE'S WORK IS NEVER DONE...........It's only 9:00am and I'm exhausted!  I spent the morning washing the Beetles.  It's a tough job to give a car a proper tongue licking,  takes forever.  But they look so clean & shiny.  And there's nothing like a little Weenie spit to bring out the shine on the paint.  Anyway, Mom & Kerry now have nice clean Beetle Bugs thanks to me.  They can pay me back later with a good ear petting or chin scratching. And you can check out the picture of me resting after the car licking.

6/20/02  WEENIE ON A SHORT LEASH........ What a frustrating day!!  There's all kinds of stinky things on the ground in the backyard and I can't get to them.  The pool cover was removed last night and hosed off.  All that great smelling water, leaves, etc. and I'm not allowed to roll in it.  I keep trying to sneak over there but Mom's watching me like a hawk.  Every 5 minutes it's "Weenie get over here"  "Weenie get away from that"  "Weenie stop sniffing that"  Geez!!  Of course if I get caught in the smelly stuff - I get another bath.  Too bad humans don't speak the same language Weenies do.....the language of sniff & smell.  

6/18/02 NEVER ROLL IN SMELLY STUFF !!........... I was in the doghouse last night.  I had to get a bath because I found something delightfully stinky to rub my face in out in the yard.  Unfortunately,  Mom didn't think it was quite as attractive as I did and I was immediately deposited into the bathtub and tortured with my new shampoo - Crazy Dog Pina Colada.

6/17/02 THE A-B-C's.......... I heard something interesting today.  CC's Mommy & Daddy are going away again for another trip.   This time her human brother, JJ,  is going to be watching her.  I hope he's got an open mind about a weenie dog coming over for a midnight rendezvous with his canine sister.  Last time her Mom went away, CC had a contented smile on her face when they got back.  hee hee hee.  I do my part................So I hope her brother JJ isn't too observant of the weenie dog paw prints on the floor as I sneak in & out of the house.  Hmmmm, I just noticed something...."CC"......"JJ"......her parents must not know any names.  But they do know the alphabet.  WOOF

6/16/02 FEED ME!!........... Birthday party day.   My human nephew was 10 years old and we had cake & ice cream.  Plus I got to eat the leftovers from dinner, too.  Yum!  I gotta eat junk food while I still can.  The vet told my Mom that when I'm ready for the next case of food, he's going to put me on something else and he wants Mom cut out most of my treats.  How am I going to stay chubby?  This is a serious issue for a 28 - 30 lb. weenie.  I wonder if that means that Mom won't be baking those tasty doggie biscuits she makes for me?  They're bacon cheeseburger flavor and FeeFee and I LOVE them. We also share the cookies with Mr. Beefy and CC.   Maybe I can talk FeeFee into learning to cook and then she can make them.  She certainly spends enough time in the kitchen watching Mom doing things.  FeeFee always get accused of begging.............maybe she's actually trying to learn to cook.  That would solve all our problems.  I could weigh 30 lbs in no time!  Have you noticed my focus is always on food & how to get it?  It's a dirty job but someone has to do it.....

6/13/02  CHUBBY BOYS........Today Mom helped  Mr. Beefy's Mom take him for his vet visit.  He's afraid to get into his Mom's new Beetle.  He's almost as big as the car and he barks at it.  My Mom has a Beetle, too, so she had to borrow my Dad's Blazer cause it's big enough for a big dog .  I was happy to hear that he weighs more than I do......104 lbs!  Makes me feel all thin & streamlined.  Mom says weight is only a number anyway. WOOF

6/11/02  YUMMY !!.........Exciting day Mom's friend brought her new  weenie puppy for a visit.  I gave her a good sniffing & licking and she tasted simply divine.  Hope she grows up fast...........she's one good looking weenie!  Ooops!  I'd better watch what I say or CC will give me a good woofing for looking at other women.  Anyway, there's some pictures of me with Scarlett that you can check out.

6/05/02  WEENIES WEENIES EVERYWHERE..........WOW!  Scary rainstorm last night.  I was the incredible vibrating dog.  Couldn't stop shaking! And I kept trying to leap off the bed.  ( I had to  make sure no one else got any sleep either. ) Finally Mom made a nest on the floor  which she fell asleep in around 2:30am - I went &  hid under the bed while she slept in the dog nest.  hee hee hee  Also, I had to go to the vet this week for the shots & nail clipping.  I hated it but I do have some nice looking toenails now.  When I got home I got to check out the website of a couple of girl weenies........and they are fine looking specimens!  And my Mom's friend just got a new girl weenie puppy.  Weenies everywhere!!  It's a secret plot by weenies to take over the world.  WOOF!!

5/30/02 ALL WORK & NO PLAY.........Rats! It's been over a week and I haven't had a chance to sneak over to see my beloved.  And her Mommy will be back this weekend!!  My Mom has been making me help her in the backyard.  She spreads the mulch and my job is to go lay in it.  Or to pee on the big pile of it in the driveway.  Nothing like the scent of fresh mulch after a weenie dog has squatted next to it.  I do my part..............

5/19/02  THE BEST LAID PLANS..........Tonight after Mom goes to sleep, I plan on sneaking out and casing the joint over at CC's.  There must be a way to get in .......... I know I can find it.  Maybe I should try tunneling under the house.  Dachshunds are known for their digging & tunneling skills.  It would probably leave the yard looking like it had an overgrown mole living there...........I wonder if my future in-laws would be upset if I did a little landscaping while they're gone?

5/18/02 THE VET......... Hee hee hee!  FeeFee had to go to the vet today for a shot and I didn't.  Mom said not to laugh too loud because I have an appointment coming up soon.  Not only will I be getting shots, I have to get my nails done, too, because I'm starting to sound like a tap dancer on the kitchen floor.  WOOF

5/15//02  IMPENDING ROMANCE........Good news today!  I just found out that my girlfriend CC is going to be home alone while her Mommy is away.  Well, not exactly alone - her human sisters will be hanging around now & then. (Probably to protect CC from amorous weenie dogs)   I'll have to figure out a way to get them out of the house for a while so I can stop by and visit her.   But first I'll have to escape from my Mom who never lets me out of her sight.  Hmmmmm, the plot thickens..............

5/14/02  NEVER WASH A WEENIE........       Well, last night was the ultimate indignity.  I was attempting to get a nice little nest set up on the couch, when my Mom announced loud enough for the world to hear "Weenie, you stink!"  She proceeded to disrupt my quilt digging chore and carry me up to the bath tub.  Now, in my vocabulary, B-A-T-H means torture.  I whine & cry & and make a noise that Mom says sounds like a pig getting it's tail pulled.  And wow, can she scrub!  When she got me out of the tub, I was trying to do my water shaking and she covered me with a towel! Weenie dogs need to do "the shake".  It's required!   After she finally finished with me, I ran under her bed where she can't get at me and rewarded her by shredding & eating a tissue I found on the floor.  Yum!  Tissues are so tasty.  Before the bath, I actually  thought I was getting to a point where I smelled quite intriguing.  She has no sense of humor!

5/11/02  MY  NEPHEW THE K-MASTER........Today we had company.  My human nephew was here for the afternoon.  I've known him since he was born.  I was 1 year old then.  He's always nice to me.  When he was a little boy he used to dress me up in strings of beads & stuff. I bit him a couple of times when we were younger, but now I'm too old and my teeth are starting to fall out!  So, I lick him instead and he always rubs my chin & ears.  Ahhhhh, bliss!

5/09/02  WEENIE COMPUTES............ Well, today I finished my webpage.  I can't wait until my girlfriend CC sees it.  It's sure to impress her.....maybe she'll reconsider the wedding plans.