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Weenie's favorite links:  (Other than sausage links)
This is my Mom's quilting page.  It's full of fabulous looking quilts that I have personally tried out.  And I might add, they were all Weenie tested - Weenie approved!!
This will take you to my other website where there's lots of cute pictures of me on the Photo page,  and some of my friends and family, too.
This site belongs to some really cool dogs, RAMI and MIA,  that are the grandpuppies of my Mom's friend.  And they are weenies..........GIRL weenies!  HUBBA HUBBA
This site is a personal favorite of mine.  Check it out if you want to send someone a nice dog bite!  I love biting!!  Sassy rocks!!
An all together cool site for the canine species.
A great website to check out &  enter yourself in the monthly photo contest.  I won a nice gourmet bone once!!
Here's some wacky dog related stuff you'll enjoy reading!!